We have a small farm in Tennessee in a small town called
Braden.  We have a 36 acre farm just outside the city of
Memphis.  Our farm is named after our first Newfoundland,
Merlot who looks like she is flying through the air when she
plays ball.  We purchased the land a few years ago which was
just raw land and we did so much of the work ourselves.  We
built a guest house to live in for awhile until we build our
house.  Then we decided we needed some farm animals so I
started doing some research by going through all of my
Hobby Farms magazines.  When I saw the Olde English
Babydoll Southdown sheep I knew that was what we needed
for our farm.  I started right away that cold January day
searching for some of those cute little cutie bugs.  

I started calling and e-mailing several farms all over the
country and I was told by most that their list for lambs was
already full.  I kept trying and was able to finally get on a few
lists.  So by Spring we ended up with eight new Spring lambs
and we were so excited.  Our first lambs were purchased from
five different farms.  My husband and I set out in the Spring of
that year to get our lambs and bring them to Tennessee to
their new home.  We drove to Maryland, Georgia and
Kentucky that year to start picking up our lambs and start
raising Olde English Babydoll Southdown sheep.  We now
have several sheep and plan to add a few more.

We also have two Great Pyrenees, two Newfoundlands and
three cats.  Our Great Pyrenees that we got as a puppy the
first year we bought lambs was suppose to help guard the
sheep, but he discovered air conditioning and decided he liked
being inside rather than guarding sheep.

We are still growing at our farm but we are enjoying every
minute with our little sheep and their smiling faces and all of
our animals.  We have always been city folks but not so much
anymore.  We love the farm life and hope to always have
Olde English Babydoll Southdown sheep on our farm.
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